Atomic Cannon Pocket

Atomic Cannon Pocket 3

Game where players battle each other with tanks and various weapons

Atomic Cannon Pocket is an arcade game for Pocket PC where gamers control tanks and duel with other players on over 20 different landscapes. The game is turn-based and consists of players trying to hit each other's tanks by aiming and firing at them with over 100 different weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs.

Depending on what the player hits, they will be able to use the landmasses created as a tactical advantage to hide behind. A few of the weapons available in the player's arsenal are guns, bombs, missiles, rockets and nukes.

Atomic Cannon Pocket randomly generates different landscapes for each round and can be destroyed and replaced by real scorched earth in real time.

The types of land formations included in the Atomic Cannon Pocket game are flat, hill, gulley, plateau, slope and random. Other game features include portrait or landscape modes, multiplayer mode (up to 16 players), talking robots and plenty of user options.

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